Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Today I was thrilled to bits when Pauline from Craft Obsession sent me this 'Stylish Blogger Award'.  Thank you so much Pauline!!
The rules for accepting the award are...

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave it to you - Thank you so much Pauline!

2. Share 8 things about myself.

3. Choose 8 bloggers to share it with.

4. Contact the bloggers to let them know.

Here we go - eight things about me...

1.  I love most music, and always have it playing in the background while I'm crafting.

2.  I like sci-fi,  paranormal and scary movies, but daren't watch the last two on my own - LOL!  I'm following 'Outcasts' and I'm looking forward to the next episodes of 'The Event'.

3.  I love Spring and Summer...spending lots of time in the sunshine outside in our garden, and in the Yorkshire Dales.

4.  I love animals, and up until a few years back we always had a dog.  But I can't bear the thoughts of loosing another one.

5.  I don't sleep very well, hence me starting to type this at almost 2.00 a.m!!

6.  My favourite colours are citrus shades.

7.  I love Madeira, and we go there twice a year.

8.  I've always wished I had a sister or a daughter...I'm surrounded by men, (husband, son, brothers).  They never complain about the hours I spend crafting, but they don't really Understand it!

Here are the eight lovely ladies I'm sharing my award with...


My Passion for Crafting - Michelle


seaside sundae - Kerry

Designs by Robin - Robin

Playing With Ribbon - Mary

Clare's Creations - Clare

Julie's Inkspot - Julie

That's all for today folks.  I'm hoping to make a few more cards during this week.


cbuswell said...

thanks Sasha! : )

Pauline said...

So nice to know a bit more about you Sasha, I do enjoy popping to your blog, you have a lovely unique style. I am holidaying in Yorkshire in the summer hols, we went 4 years ago and loved it, such a beautiful part of the world. xx

seaside sundae said...

Awww! Thanks for the Award:o) I know what you mean about losing pets, hun xx I'm working on my 'eight things' to share.

Michelle said...

Thanks Sasha! I'm so touched! It's great to know more about you!