Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sorry For My Absence!

Hello dear blogging friends. Hope you are all keeping well.
Thank you! to those of you who have asked if I was okay. I'm fine, apart from feeling quite stressed.
I'm sorry for not being around for the past few weeks.  This is mainly due to my dear husband deciding to take on a refurbishing project all by himself.  Just over a week ago, I arrived home after a day out to find that he had boxed up everything in my craft room and moved it into the spare room.  Nothing labelled!!!  Just tons of boxes piled on top of one another!!!  He said he thought he was doing me a favour...LOL!!!  Also, my computer had been disconnected!!!
To be fair, he had been asking me to do this for weeks, but it just seemed too much to take on.  There are over twenty years of stash in those boxes.  I am no where near seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I've come across things I didn't even know I had!!  Our local home for adults with disabilities have said they would welcome anything, and I am now in the process of trying to sort things out for them.
Dear husband has re connected my computer and the modem for today, but I may not be able to get around to visit you as I still have so much to do, replying to emails and trying to help hubby.
At the end of all this up evil, I should have a nice new and tidy craft room.  Goodness knows how I managed before with all the cutter. When I see all these boxes I feel quite ashamed that I had become a hoarder.
Take care everyone.  I hope to be back in Blogland and visiting you all soon!! xxx


kathi17 said...

Oh Sasha, what a stressful experience, but when you get your new room, I expect you will be feeling much better.

I'm sort of a hoarder too. I've been spending a lot of time this winter trying to get rid of the clutter. It always feels so good to get useless stuff cleaned out and make more space.

I live in a very small house, and when it gets too much stuff in it, there isn't any room to organize!

Stamps and Paper said...

Hello Sasha...pleased to hear that you are ok.. even if a little stressed..lOl..lOl.
...looks like it could be a good move if it makes you have a good sort out...and we are all guilty of hoarding..I know I you 20 years of it!


Crafty Lark said...

Enjoy playing with your older stash when you get organised. Also nice to think that spring must be around the corner if those projects have begun. xx Flora

Marie-Louise said...

So glad that everything is ok Sasha. You have been missed.

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

What a busy life you have had Sasha, but very good that you are back.
lovely greet

brenda said...

We are all hoarders Sasha, it goes with the territory. But sometimes we do come across lovely finds that we had totally forgotten about.

I do understand the stress as I had my craft room re-vamped in the Autumn and I think the very worse part was having my desktop computer out of action as I find my lappy hard to work with when it comes to typing.

Be positive and dream of how wonderfully organised you are going to be very soon.

B x

Thea said...

Pleased to hear from you! Take care with all the stressed things you have to do.
We will see beautiful cards in the future ;-)

Hugs Thea

Gibmiss said...

Hi Sasha
Happy you are will be nice when it is all sorted....
Hugs Sylvie xxx

pam said...

so glad you are ok sasha, do not envy you all that clearing out..thing we are all the same us crafters..pam

Chris said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that its not bad health that is keeping you from blogging.

Maybe you could send your husband round to my house, I have never been able to part with any of my stamps - even after 15 years of collecting them and some have never even been inked! Then there's all the paper, cardstock, inkpads,dies etc. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed by all my stash that I can't create anything and just walk out of the room again...

Just think ahead to the wonderful tidy, organised craft room you'll have once it's all been sorted.

Take care xx

Mary J said...

Oh, I hear you Sasha! After re-decorating my craftroom last summer, I can tell you that it is very therapeutic getting rid of all that stuff! And I agree about the hoarding - it's so shameful how much I have spent on it and found stuff I've never used! I now spend far less and aim to use what I have instead!

Look forward to your return! xxx

Ros Crawford said...

Oh Sasha ... you have my sympathies ... I hate any disruption ... even though in the end I am pleased with the result ... I really hope you get the room of your dreams as some compensation for what I know you are feeling right now ... as for hoarding ... tell me about it!!

Patricia said...

Good afternoon Sasha glad to hear you are well and not illness keeping you from Blogging.
Oh! My! Goodness! I know the muddle I got in just looking for lost things never mind finding things someone else has packed away.
Look on the bright side......... You will have a beautiful Craft Space....... You must let us see the results.

Patricia. XX


Oh Sasha - I'm sorry it's taking so long to sort everything out, and I can understand why you are feeling stressed.

It's a great idea to give some of the unwanted items to charity - maybe once you've done that, the remaining stash will be easier to sort out?
Hugs, Sylvia xx

Charlene said...

Oh my goodness lol! I definately would be freaking out! :-) But it will be a great thing in the long run and you will have a neet, organized craft room! Mine scares me when I go in I pray I can find my way out lol!

Pauline said...

Ooh, Sasha! I would be so cross if my husband touched my stuff! Lol! At telecast you are re discovering things you had forgotten about! Glad all is well, and hope to see some of your amazing creations soon xx

Jenny said...

Oh dear. I do hope that you are feeling less stressed now, and have been able to get organised. Jen xx

Loving My Crafts said...

I know how you feel, lots of my stuff is packed up as we've moved house. I just have a small table for now but it won't be a large space when it's done but it will be mine. x

Anonymous said...

Lol, it will be worth all the hassle and stress when you have a 'new' craft space to work in!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness me Sasha I'm sure it will be worth it in the end but it must have been a bit of a shock for you. Take care and we will all be waiting for you upon your return.


Anneke said...

dear Sasha.
it is good to hear that you are alright.
so your husband is starting refurbishing, and how excited is that, although the work at the end always for the women is, but that is the part i realy like.
i am very curieus at the end results and i wish you the best for the coming days.
maybe you put some photo,s on your blog.
have a nice week and hugs from Ann

Melanie Ann MacKenzie said...

Hello Sasha, I am new to reading your blog but my heart went out to you when I read about your stressful experience.

I must say that your cards are simply lovely. If you do happen to read your comments perhaps you might have a moment to reply. I love all the sentiments from Anna Griffen that you use on your cards but I have never seen them here in Canada. Could you tell me that name of the sets you use so I can try to find them. Thanks so much.
Cheers, Melanie

Sasha said...

Thanks to all my lovely blogging friends for your lovely messages. When I finally get things sorted out, I will be offering some Blog Candy.

My dear 'Disruptive' husband, finally set my computer up in the dining room last night. Unfortyunately my craft room is no where near completed, and I'm still struggling to find my stash. I'm hoping to be back in Blogland soon though, as I have my two DT challenges on Monday xx

Sasha said...

Hi Melanie Ann,

Thanks for stopping by.

I couldn't find your blog to reply to your request, so hope you read this.

All of my Anna Griffin stamps are from sets I purchased from QVC here in the UK.

Maybe if you emailed Anna Griffin someone there would be able to help xx

Monica said...

Oh Sasha, I hope your room gets organized soon. Missing your divine creations. Funny how each one has his/her own distinct style and it's absence is felt. I just find it so calming to look at your wonderful cards.
Thanks for the visit and kind comments.
Monica xxx

Patricia said...

Good afternoon Sasha,
Is that room of your not sorted out yet?
I really miss seeing all your wonderful creations.
Thank you for your comments on my Blog
Have a Great Day

Patricia. xx

Heather Jensen said...

Glad to hear you are well. That sure sounds like it will be quite the chore. My hubby knows not to touch my craft stuff or he might not have hands left. LOL That will be wonderful when you donate to the local retirement home. I know they will appreciate it. :)


Maria said...

Wow! It must be quite stressful for ya, Sasha! I certainly need to go through my things and reorganize this craft room. You'll be glad when it's all over and organized I'm sure! Take care...miss ya, hugs!